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Project Description Owner Last Change
adhcp.git DHCP implementation in Ada 22 hours ago
aget.git Ada Network Downloader 3 years ago
alog.git Logging framework for the... 11 months ago
anet.git Ada Networking Library 13 months ago
aws-ldap-ext.git AWS LDAP Extensions 7 years ago
cmfintranet.git Plone CMFIntranet product 6 years ago
cuda-ada.git Ada CUDA binding 23 months ago
dbus-ada.git Ada D-Bus binding 2 weeks ago
debian/adabrowse.git Debian adabrowse package 11 months ago
debian/ahven.git Debian ahven package 14 months ago
debian/apq-postgresql.git Debian apq-postgresql package 13 months ago
debian/apq.git Debian apq package 13 months ago
debian/libgmpada.git Debian libgmpada package backport 5 years ago
debian/opentoken.git Debian opentoken package 6 years ago
debian/smartargs.git Debian smartargs package 4 years ago
docs/msec-thesis1884.git Diploma Thesis 1884: Secure... 18 months ago
docs/msec-thesis2081.git Diploma Thesis 2081: Secure... 6 years ago
gitter-test.git Gitter Android test project 3 years ago
gitter.git Git repository feed reader... 23 months ago
ipcop/ipbill.git Host-based traffic billing... 6 years ago
ipcop/proxybill.git User-based proxy system 6 years ago
mcastmeeting-ng.git Proof of concept RTP-Multicast... 6 years ago
mcastmeeting.git Proof of concept RTP-Multicast... 6 years ago
muen.git An x86/64 Separation Kernel... 17 hours ago
muen/linux.git Linux kernel with Muen SK... 5 weeks ago
muen/linux/muenfs.git Muen SK channel file system... 5 months ago
muen/linux/muennet.git Muen SK virtual networking... 3 months ago
muen/mugenplcfg.git Muen platform config generator... 3 days ago
orbkeys.git CORBA ORB interoperability... 5 years ago
overlayer.git Automated Knoppix Remastering... 6 years ago
paillier-zkp.git Paillier Zero-knowledge proof 3 years ago
pcscada.git Ada PC/SC binding 13 months ago
pixgrabber.git Web Picture Crawler for Windows 6 years ago
spark-bignum.git SPARK Big Number Library 4 years ago
spark-crypto.git SPARK Cryptographic Library 3 months ago
sparkunit.git Unit test framework for SPARK 19 months ago
spawn-manager.git Ada Spawn Manager 2 years ago
tkm-rpc.git Trusted Key Manager RPC Library 5 months ago
tkm.git Trusted Key Manager 5 months ago
x509-ada.git Ada PKIX X.509 Library 12 months ago
xfrm-ada.git Ada XFRM binding 2 years ago
xfrm-proxy.git Trusted Key Manager XFRM proxy 2 years ago