2020-11-10 Reto BuerkiMinor: statefull -> stateful devel-misc-minor
2020-11-10 Reto BuerkiMinor: Fix indentation
2019-11-07 Reto Buerkidoc: Remove execute permission from TAHI files devel master v0.5.3
2019-11-07 Adrian-Ken... Various improvements for release 0.5.3
2019-11-07 Adrian-Ken... Minor: Fix some typos
2019-11-07 Adrian-Ken... Check if any valid leases are present after reply
2019-11-07 Adrian-Ken... Add v6 rebinding test when all leases are expired
2019-11-07 Reto Buerkidoc: Update TAHI test results
2019-11-07 Reto Buerkidoc: Remove link to
2019-11-07 Reto BuerkiDo not use Utils.Error in adhcp_notifier_tool
2019-11-07 Adrian-Ken... Remove extra whitespace
2019-11-07 Adrian-Ken... Minor: Remove unneeded Options prefix
2019-11-07 Reto BuerkiSpecify configuration pragmas via gnat.adc
2019-11-06 Reto BuerkiUpdate to Anet 0.4.2
2019-11-06 Reto BuerkiWorkaround for Glib Bug #1831
2019-11-06 Reto Buerkiadhcp_client6: Adjust cmdline handling
2019-11-06 Reto Buerkiadhcp_client6: Register observers after iface bringup
2019-11-06 Reto BuerkiFix notification of search domain
2019-07-12 Reto BuerkiMinor website-related cleanups
2019-05-03 Reto BuerkiDrop obsolete STYLEPATH variable
2019-05-03 Reto BuerkiSet word-wrap:break-word for links in styles.css
2019-05-02 Reto BuerkiMinor changes to doc/Makefile
2019-05-02 Adrian-Ken... Drop unneeded use clause v0.5.2
2019-05-02 Reto BuerkiAdjust doc cleanup in top-level Makefile
2019-05-02 Reto BuerkiImprove webpage styling
2019-05-02 Reto BuerkiAlso host font awesome locally
2019-05-02 Reto BuerkiHost fonts locally
2019-05-02 Reto BuerkiShorten GNAT compiler URL
2019-05-02 Reto BuerkiAdjust release verification section
2019-05-01 Reto BuerkiRename Standard column to RFC
2019-05-01 Reto BuerkiDrop Cat column
2019-05-01 Reto BuerkiConvert RFC conformity table to Asciidoctor format
2019-04-30 Reto BuerkiAdd description to index file
2019-04-30 Reto BuerkiDisable toc, specify subtitle instead
2019-04-30 Reto BuerkiDon't use special font for first paragraph
2019-04-30 Reto BuerkiEnable section anchors
2019-04-30 Reto BuerkiExplicitly import Open Sans font in stylesheet
2019-04-30 Reto BuerkiConvert website from asciidoc to asciidoctor
2019-04-30 Reto BuerkiImprove RFC conformity section
2019-04-30 Reto BuerkiKeep rfc-conformity section in separate file
2019-04-29 Reto BuerkiCall asciidoctor with TZ=UTC
2019-04-26 Reto BuerkiFix typo in RFC conformity table
2019-04-26 Reto BuerkiUpdate licence
2019-04-26 Reto BuerkiUpdate release signing key information
2019-04-26 Reto BuerkiCapitalize headers in README
2019-04-26 Reto BuerkiConvert website from asciidoc to asciidoctor
2018-04-11 Adrian-Ken... Use Long_Long_Integer for time conversion in D-Bus... v0.5.1
2018-02-27 Adrian-Ken... Trim lease times before appending to D-Bus args
2018-02-20 Nicolas BoulenguezMinor cleanups in GPRs and Makefile v0.5
2018-02-20 Nicolas BoulenguezAllow user to override build flags
2018-02-20 Nicolas BoulenguezUse Make pattern for similar recipes
2018-02-20 Nicolas BoulenguezSimplify transmission of compiler options
2018-02-20 Nicolas BoulenguezSimplify transmission of linker options
2018-02-20 Nicolas BoulenguezSimplify transmission of binder options
2018-02-20 Reto BuerkiVarious minor cleanups and fixes
2018-02-20 Reto BuerkiUpdate to Anet version 0.4
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Drop unneeded use type clauses
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... README: Update licence
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Makefile: Switch to gprbuild
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Add RFC 5227: IPv4 Address Conflict Detection
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Update DHCPv4 RFC conformity due to ACD implementation
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... doc: Extend adhcp_client man page
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Implement IPv4 address collision detection (ACD)
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Use RESTART_DELAY constant in Requesting state
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Add RESTART_DELAY constant
2018-02-02 Reto BuerkiSimplify iface name handling in ACD
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Add arp-probe scapy helper script
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Handle reception of invalid ARP messages gracefully
2018-02-02 Reto BuerkiMake simultaneous probe detection more strict
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Enable IPv4 ACD by default in client wrapper
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Log ACD announcements
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Announce IP use after processing ACK with ACD enabled
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Drop HW address from ACD.Announce
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Add test for ACD.Initialize procedure
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Only open ARP socket when it is actually used
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Extend collision count reset test
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Minor: Fix alignment
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Perform Address Collision Detection
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Factor out restarting of Transaction in Requesting...
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... DHCPv4 client: Enable ACD depending on -A parameter
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Only send announcements if ACD is enabled
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Only perform collision detection if enabled
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Use separate Sleep procedure for ACD delays
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Implement DHCPv4.ACD.Probe subprogram
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Fix DHCP.Random.Get
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Restrict ACD announcements to ANNOUNCEMENT_NUM
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Schedule announce event in ACD.Announce
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Add DHCPv4.Constants package
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Implement DHCPv4.ACD.Initialize procedure
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Implement DHCPv4.Timing_Events.Announce
2018-02-02 Adrian-Ken... Add DHCPv4.ACD package
2017-11-15 Adrian-Ken... Miscellaneous fixes
2017-11-14 Adrian-Ken... Adapt to IPv6 shortform addresses
2017-11-02 Adrian-Ken... Append lease times as Natural to D-Bus args
2017-10-06 Adrian-Ken... Drop unneeded use clauses
2017-10-06 Adrian-Ken... Adapt to latest Anet changes
2017-09-14 Reto BuerkiMake adhcp_client work with Debian stretch
2017-09-14 Reto BuerkiMake method the default D-Bus target
2017-09-14 Reto BuerkiAdd method variant to D-Bus target variable
2017-09-14 Reto BuerkiAdd NetworkManager method call target