2011-06-08 Adrian-Ken... Remove completed todo item. v0.1
2011-06-08 Adrian-Ken... Update email adresses.
2011-06-07 Adrian-Ken... Add license header to all source files.
2011-06-07 Adrian-Ken... Add COPYING file to clarify adhcp's license (GPLv2+).
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiUse case statement in Relay_Server_Message procedure.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiIgnore Src_IP of reply in Relay_Server_Message.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiUpdate Relay_Server_Message procedure description.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiRename Sock_Srv_Reply to Sock_Cli_Iface_IP.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiAdd additional comments for 'other relay agent' case.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiHandle BOOTP requests on Sock_Srv_Reply as well.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiMove 'Size representation attributes to private spec.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiDeclare Byte type as range 0 .. 255.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiFix exception message in Send_Socket procedure.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiRemove unneeded fields and getters from Socket_Type.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiDon't enable broadcast on Sock_Srv_Reply socket.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiRename Sock_Cli_Reply socket to Sock_Srv_Reply.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiRename Sock_Cli_Request socket to Sock_Client.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiUse Sock_Cli_Request to relay messages to clients.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiRevert "Bind interface to client-reply-socket"
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiSockets: Export Mode_Type to clients.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiDisplay current time in Print() callback.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiSockets: Split Open into Create and Bind procedures.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiSockets: Don't implicitly set the broadcast option.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiProvide thick binding of Set_Socket_Option.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiSplit Option_Name enum.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiLogger: Disable timestamps for fd facility.
2011-05-20 Reto Buerkiadhcp_dump: Use console based logging.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiMove Use_Stdout procedure to DHCP.Logger package.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiAdd more TODO items.
2011-05-20 Adrian-Ken... Sockets.Thin: Remove unneeded operations.
2011-05-20 Martin ChristianBind interface to client-reply-socket
2011-05-20 Adrian-Ken... Move setsockopt import to DHCP.Sockets private part.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiMinor cleanup of DHCP.Sockets.Thin.
2011-05-20 Reto BuerkiRemove obsolete TODO item.
2011-05-04 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_relay: Drop forwarding interface parameter.
2011-05-04 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_relay: Use separate client socket for replies.
2011-05-04 Adrian-Ken... Fix programm errror during elaboration.
2011-05-03 Adrian-Ken... Move remaining types from DHCP.Thin to DHCP package.
2011-05-03 Adrian-Ken... Remove unneeded Options_Array type.
2011-05-03 Adrian-Ken... Move raw msg header type to DHCP.Message.Thin.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiRemove forwarding interface auto-detection.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiRelay: Discard replies with unknown giaddr set.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiIncrement hop count before relaying.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiRelay: Silently discard requests with hop count 16.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiMessage: Add Inc_Hops procedure.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiRelay: Only set giaddr if it is zero.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiSilently discard invalid messages in receiver task.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiMessage: Check buffer len prior to deserialization.
2011-05-02 Reto BuerkiDeserialize received data instead of complete buffer.
2011-04-12 Reto BuerkiAdd -static to Adhcp_Common.Binder_Switches.
2011-04-12 Reto BuerkiFix indentation in $(VERSION_SPEC) target.
2011-04-12 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Add -R to GMAKE_OPTS.
2011-04-12 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Add GMAKE_OPTS variable.
2011-04-11 Adrian-Ken... Use Bounded_String for Iface_Name type.
2011-04-11 Adrian-Ken... Reduce loglevels to error.
2011-04-11 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_relay: Log errors during Relay.Run to syslog.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiUse stdout instead of logfile in test_runner.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiAdd version information.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiUse build_tests, build_release in build_all target.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Add build_tests target.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Rename release target to build_release.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiUpdate TODO file.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiLogger: Disable timestamps.
2011-04-11 Reto Buerkiadhcp_relay: Attach handler to SIGTERM.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiUse file based logging in test_runner.
2011-04-11 Reto BuerkiLogger: Switch to syslog facility.
2011-04-08 Reto BuerkiUse Alog logger instance instead of Ada.Text_IO.
2011-04-07 Adrian-Ken... Add error message to Get_Forwarding_Iface() exception.
2011-04-07 Reto BuerkiDistinguish exceptions in Get_Forwarding_Iface.
2011-04-07 Reto BuerkiNet: Log info about discovered network interfaces.
2011-04-07 Reto BuerkiAdd DHCP.Logger package.
2011-04-07 Adrian-Ken... Net: Make cursor in Get_Iface() constant.
2011-04-07 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_relay: Check if server IP is a local address.
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... Add test for empty string to IP address conversion.
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... Net: Add Is_Local_Iface() function.
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... Net: Add Find() function to package body.
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_relay: Check runtime configuraion.
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_relay: Handle exceptions raised in Relay.Run().
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... Sockets: Wait for receiver task termination on Stop.
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_relay: Get client iface from discovered list.
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_relay: Auto-detect forwarding interface.
2011-04-06 Adrian-Ken... Net: Reduce max interface name length to 15.
2011-04-06 Reto Buerkiadhcp_relay: Validate client interface name.
2011-04-06 Reto Buerkiadhcp_relay: Validate server IP address.
2011-04-06 Reto BuerkiNet: Add Get_Forwarding_Iface function.
2011-04-06 Reto BuerkiAdd another TODO item.
2011-04-06 Reto BuerkiAdd test for forwarding interface lookup.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiNet: Add Get_Iface() function for IP address.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiRe-add DHCP.Net package.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiMake Get_Socket_Info procedure public.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiMove AF_INET constant to public spec.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiMove low-level Sockaddr_In_Type to public spec.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiRename IFNAMSIZ to Max_Iface_Name_Len.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiSockets: Remove unneeded Get_Interface function.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiMake DHCP.Sockets.Thin a private package again.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiMerge DHCP.Net into DHCP.Sockets packages.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiNet: Rename Request_Name enum to Netdev_Request_Name.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiSockets: Rename Sockaddr_Type to Sockaddr_In_Type.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiUse DHCP.Sockets.Thin in DHCP.Net package.
2011-04-05 Reto BuerkiClose socket in Get_Outgoing_Address function.