2020-07-24 Adrian-Ken... Fix potential overflow in Transactions,Schedule_Expiry 0.3.x v0.3.4
2016-11-21 Reto Buerkiadhcp_relay: Fix termination issues v0.3.3
2016-11-21 Reto BuerkiHandle Socket_Error in Relay_Server_Message
2016-11-21 Reto BuerkiHandle Socket_Error in Relay_Client_Message
2016-11-21 Reto Buerkiadhcp_relay: Correctly use DHCP.Termination package
2016-11-21 Reto BuerkiAdd arcanist configuration
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiUpdate adhcp_client_wrapper man page v0.3.2
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiDecouple VERSION variable from GIT_REV
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiRemove unneeded PHONY targets
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiIgnore git describe error messages
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiMake GIT_REV a simply expanded variable
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiDon't remove .version file in distclean target
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiPack .version file into release tarball
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiRename dhcp-git-rev target to .version
2014-11-10 Reto BuerkiDon't remove version spec file in distclean target
2014-10-31 Reto BuerkiRandomize lease filename in notify simple test
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiOnly link adhcp_notify_dbus against dbus-1 lib
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiAdd man page for adhcp_notify_simple tool
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiImplement simple external notifier
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiFactor out cmdline processing to Utils_Notify package
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiAdd Null_Lease constant to DHCP.Lease package
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiAdd DHCP.Notify_Simple package
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiAdd Test_Utils package
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiAdd adhcp_notify_simple tool stub
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiUse Utils.Error procedure in adhcp_notify_dbus
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiREADME: Update licence
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiUpdate adhcp_client man page
2014-10-30 Reto Buerkiadhcp_client: Add -e command line option
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiUse Cmd_Line package in Call_External_Notify
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiAdd DHCP.Cmd_Line package
2014-10-30 Reto BuerkiUpdate notifier documentation
2014-10-28 Reto BuerkiRename adhcp_notify to adhcp_notify_dbus
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiFix misplaced "then" warnings with gnat-4.9
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiUpdate to Anet v0.3.1
2014-02-07 Reto BuerkiAdjust adhcp_notify to latest D_Bus/Ada changes
2013-10-18 Reto BuerkiUpdate PGP pubkey in README
2013-06-27 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Remove leading 'v' from VERSION variable v0.3.1
2013-06-27 Reto BuerkiAdd support for leases with 'infinity' lease time
2013-06-27 Reto BuerkiSimplify test for invalid lease times
2013-03-25 Reto BuerkiSend notifications after setting transaction state
2013-01-31 Adrian-Ken... doc: Minor adjustments to URLs
2013-01-24 Reto BuerkiMinor: Cleanup COPYING file
2012-11-16 Reto BuerkiFix RFC conformity document header
2012-11-15 Adrian-Ken... doc: Publish RFC conformity document
2012-11-15 Adrian-Ken... Adapt RFC conformity to ASCII doc style
2012-11-15 Adrian-Ken... Add release information to README v0.3
2012-11-15 Reto BuerkiUpdate documentation
2012-11-15 Reto BuerkiAdjust install permissions
2012-11-15 Adrian-Ken... Update copyright information
2012-11-15 Adrian-Ken... Remove unneeded with clauses
2012-11-15 Adrian-Ken... Do not turn off warnings
2012-11-12 Adrian-Ken... adhcp_client: Discard packets on UDP socket
2012-11-06 Reto BuerkiUpdate to Anet v0.2
2012-08-28 Reto BuerkiRevert "Build tools dynamic"
2012-08-27 Reto BuerkiRandomize lease filename in Write_And_Read_Lease
2012-07-11 Reto BuerkiImprove logging in adhcp_[client|relay]
2012-06-12 Reto BuerkiMove Alog logger instance to DHCP.Logger body
2012-06-12 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Add dist target
2012-06-12 Reto BuerkiBuild tools dynamic
2012-06-11 Adrian-Ken... Install client wrapper when installing tools
2012-06-11 Reto BuerkiRework exception handling in Call_External_Notify
2012-04-20 Adrian-Ken... Use correct socket for IP packet receiver
2012-03-30 Reto Buerkiadhcp_relay: Correctly initialize client interface
2012-03-26 Reto BuerkiAdd support for DHCP PAD option (code 0)
2012-03-05 Adrian-Ken... Update TODO
2012-02-24 Reto BuerkiUpdate to latest Anet API changes
2012-02-20 Adrian-Ken... Update to latest Anet API changes
2012-02-17 Adrian-Ken... Adapt to latest Anet API changes
2012-02-16 Adrian-Ken... Add error handling to receivers in client and relay
2012-02-16 Adrian-Ken... Implement receive error handler callback
2012-02-16 Adrian-Ken... Rename Socket_Callbacks to DHCP.Socket_Callbacks
2012-02-16 Adrian-Ken... Use Anet's new receiver type for packet processing
2012-02-16 Adrian-Ken... Mention Anet as build dependency in README
2012-02-16 Adrian-Ken... Update build section of README file
2012-02-16 Adrian-Ken... Add pragma License (GPL)
2012-02-16 Adrian-Ken... Update to latest changes in Anet
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Include Anet project
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Drop Anet related TODO items
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Drop Anet related files
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Use own DHCP Ack reference in message tests
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Add test socket implementation to Transactions.Mock
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Move DHCP.IPv4 package to Anet.IPv4
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Move DHCP Ack test message to Anet.Test_Utils
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Rename DHCP.UDP package to Anet.UDP
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Rename DHCP.Util package to Anet.Util
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Move socket tests to anet hierarchy
2012-02-15 Adrian-Ken... Use Anet.OS instead of DHCP.OS in socket tests
2012-02-15 Reto BuerkiSplit Test_Utils package into DHCP/Anet parts
2012-02-15 Reto BuerkiMove common OS operations to Anet.OS package
2012-02-15 Reto BuerkiFactor out socket functionality into Anet packages
2012-02-15 Reto BuerkiMove socket callbacks to Socket_Callbacks package
2012-02-15 Reto BuerkiRemove Logger, Termination dependency from sockets
2012-02-14 Adrian-Ken... Add missing license headers
2012-02-14 Adrian-Ken... Add initial UNIX socket server support
2012-02-14 Adrian-Ken... Unlink path prior to binding unix domain socket
2012-02-13 Reto BuerkiEnforce raw header alignment of 1
2012-02-13 Reto BuerkiUse obj/prof as Object_Dir for profiling
2012-02-13 Reto BuerkiUse obj/tests as Object_Dir for test code
2012-01-19 Adrian-Ken... Add initial UNIX socket support
2011-12-09 Adrian-Ken... Small correction