2020-10-19 Reto BuerkiDo not force initialization of Connection_Type
2020-10-19 Reto BuerkiAdd Messages.Is_Signal function
2020-10-19 Reto BuerkiAdjust Is_Method_Call function
2020-10-19 Nicolas BoulenguezUpdate thin binding generator for g++-10
2020-10-19 Reto Buerkidoc: Simplify build
2020-10-19 Reto Buerkidoc: Get rid of fontawesome
2020-04-06 Reto BuerkiCreate $(OBJDIR)/tests using order-only prereq
2019-10-16 Reto BuerkiMove Connection.Dispatch procedure to separate file v0.5.0
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiSet version to 0.5.0
2019-10-01 Adrian-Ken... Update release signing key information
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiUpdate copyright information in README
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiProvide Messages.Unref procedure
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiImplement Connection.Pop_Message
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiProvide Connection.Read_Write function
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiAdd Messages.Is_Null function
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiAdd Messages.To_Thick helper
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiAdd Null_Message constant
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiAdd Get_Element getter to Argument_List_Type
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiRename No_Arguments exception to Arguments_Error
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiDrop unused Invalid_Message exception
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiMinor: Fix indentation in server example
2019-10-01 Reto BuerkiMake timeout an argument of Call_Blocking
2019-07-12 Reto BuerkiPrefix Check exception message with D-Bus error name
2019-05-03 Reto BuerkiConvert webpage from asciidoc to asciidoctor
2018-09-15 Nicolas BoulenguezRemove reference to stdarg_h from thin binding
2018-09-04 Reto BuerkiSet version to 0.4.2 v0.4.2
2018-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezRefresh the binding source for g++-8
2018-09-04 Reto BuerkiRegenerate thin binding with Debian g++ 8.2.0-4
2018-09-04 Reto BuerkiAdjust generate-thin-binding.sh for g++-8
2018-09-03 Adrian-Ken... Remove -gnat05 compiler flag and Ada_2005 pragmas
2018-09-03 Reto BuerkiSwitch codelabs URLs to HTTPS
2018-09-03 Nicolas BoulenguezDocument the way the thin binding has been generated
2018-08-09 Reto BuerkiSet version to 0.4.1 v0.4.1
2018-08-09 Reto BuerkiUse Leading_Library_Options for LDFLAGS
2018-08-09 Reto BuerkiSwitch from gnatmake to gprbuild
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezInstall libraries with write permissions for user
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezClarify passing of build flags
2018-08-09 Reto BuerkiUpdate copyright information in README
2018-08-09 Adrian-Ken... Drop unused use type clauses
2017-07-17 Reto BuerkiSet version to 0.4 v0.4.0
2017-07-07 Reto BuerkiUpdate thin binding
2017-07-07 Reto BuerkiMake static library build work with GPL 2017
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiFix implicit declaration of 'g_unlink' warning
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiSet version to 0.3.3 v0.3.3
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiAllow for flexible configuration of gnatmake params
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiSet TZ=UTC before calling asciidoc
2016-02-16 Reto BuerkiSet version to 0.3.2 v0.3.2
2016-02-15 Reto BuerkiAdd -ldbus-1 to Linker_Options in gnat/dbus_ada.gpr
2015-11-05 Reto BuerkiUpdate copyright information in README v0.3.1
2015-11-05 Reto BuerkiIntroduce and set revision to 1
2015-11-05 Reto BuerkiDrop nm_dhcp_client_action example
2015-11-05 Reto BuerkiProvide Connection.Flush procedure
2014-09-02 Reto BuerkiUse static library in examples target
2014-09-02 Reto BuerkiPass external libs as Linker_Options in examples project
2014-09-02 Reto BuerkiPass external libs as Linker_Options in test project
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiBump version to 0.3 v0.3
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiInclude thin binding sources in d_bus_ada_lib project
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiSilence 'unused Interfaces.C' warnings in thin packages
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiDisable style checks for thin packages
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiPass optional ADAFLAGS to compiler in build_lib
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiRemove unneeded (implicit) .PHONY targets
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiPass optional LDFLAGS to library project files
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiUpdate licence in README
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiFix 'wrong convention' compiler misunderstandings
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiAlso eavesdrop on error messages
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiAdd eavesdrop=true attribute to monitor match rules
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiLet clientsub example use the test service interface
2013-10-18 Reto BuerkiUpdate PGP pubkey in README
2013-10-17 Adrian-Ken... Update README
2012-08-08 Reto BuerkiAdd constructor functions for OBJECT_PATH argument
2012-08-08 Reto BuerkiConnection: Use Obj_Path type instead of String
2012-08-08 Reto BuerkiAdd Obj_Path type
2012-08-08 Alexander SenierAdd preliminary support for OBJECT_PATH arguments
2012-03-30 Reto BuerkiRemove Binder package from library projects
2012-03-27 Reto BuerkiInclude d_bus_ada_lib.gpr in test project file
2012-03-26 Reto BuerkiBuild dynamic/static libs in separate Obj/Lib dirs
2012-02-29 Reto BuerkiInstall libs to $(PREFIX)/lib directory
2012-02-20 Reto BuerkiDrop incorrect libdbusada-thin.so.0 symlink
2012-02-20 Reto BuerkiDrop incorrect libdbusada.so.0 symlink
2012-02-17 Reto BuerkiTreat warnings as errors when compiling library
2012-02-15 Reto BuerkiDefine default Binder switches
2011-12-15 Reto BuerkiSet minor version to 2 v0.2
2011-12-15 Reto BuerkiAdd TODO item
2011-12-06 Reto BuerkiDoc: Remove div id 'content' from page.conf
2011-12-06 Reto BuerkiDoc: Add page.conf as index.html dependency
2011-12-06 Reto BuerkiAdd TODO item
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiUnify naming of container constructor functions
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiNotify: Construct D-Bus arguments in place
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiNotify: Print returned notification ID
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiAdd desktop notification example
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiAdd licence section to README
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiAdd licence header to dbus-rebound.c
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiUpdate project description
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiUpdate README
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiUpdate README file for 0.1 release v0.1
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiRemove debug output from D-Bus rebounder
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiInstall dbus-rebound to obj/tests/rebounder
2011-12-01 Adrian-Ken... Minor: Cosmetic fixes
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Sort list of PHONY targets
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Add dist target