2019-11-27 Nicolas BoulenguezUpdate Debian packaging debian/0.5.0-1
2019-11-27 Nicolas BoulenguezUpdate to repackaged upstream 0.5.0
2019-11-27 Nicolas BoulenguezReupload to unstable as 0.4.2-3 debian/0.4.2-3
2018-09-15 Nicolas BoulenguezPrepare upload of 0.4.2-2 to experimental debian/0.4.2-2
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezUpdate changelog debian/0.4.2-1
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezAdd comment about g++-8 requirement in debian/control
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezSet as-needed and no-undefined linker options explicitly
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezRefresh thin binding during build
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezStandards-Version: 4.2.1. No changes
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezPass a consistent set of flags to each Make
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezFix lintian warning about short package description
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezUse dh-ada-library
2018-09-11 Nicolas BoulenguezUse dh_auto_* options instead of raw make (for example...
2018-09-04 Reto BuerkiUpdate to release 0.4.2
2018-09-03 Reto BuerkiUpdate copyright (Closes: #905818)
2018-08-09 Reto BuerkiPrepare upload of 0.4.1-1 to experimental debian/0.4.1-1
2018-08-09 Reto BuerkiSwitch to https in debian/watch
2018-08-09 Reto BuerkiDo not refresh thin binding
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezRebuild with gnat-8. Bump ALI and SO version
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezAdd Nicolas as uploader
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezUpdate copyright
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezExplicitly mark template_dbusada.gpr as library project
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezStandards-Version: 4.1.5. Rules-Requires-Root: no
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezDebhelper 11 (no changes)
2018-08-09 Nicolas BoulenguezRemove source/local-options
2018-08-09 Reto BuerkiUpdate to release 0.4.1
2017-09-23 Reto BuerkiRelease debian version 0.4.0-2 debian/0.4.0-2
2017-09-23 Nicolas BoulenguezRemove dangling references from g++ generated code...
2017-09-07 Reto BuerkiRelease debian version 0.4.0-1 debian/0.4.0-1
2017-09-07 Reto BuerkiUpdate debian/copyright
2017-09-06 Nicolas BoulenguezClarify passing of build flags.
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezCheck upstream signature.
2017-09-04 Reto BuerkiPut dh_missing in separate override_dh_missing target
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezRefresh the thin binding.
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezBuild with gnat-7 and libahven6-dev (Closes: #872544)
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezRegister documentation in doc-base.
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezMake short descriptions distinct.
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezMake runtime package Multi-Arch: same. Install project...
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezDeclare phony targets.
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezEnable all hardening flags.
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezAvoid hardcoded versions whenever possible.
2017-09-04 Nicolas BoulenguezStandards-Version: 4.1.0.
2017-08-21 Nicolas BoulenguezDebhelper 10. Replace deprecated --fail-missing dh_inst...
2017-08-21 Nicolas BoulenguezTest: remove unused variable, display executed commands.
2017-08-21 Nicolas BoulenguezWatch file version 4.
2017-08-21 Reto BuerkiUpdate to release 0.4.0
2016-07-18 Reto BuerkiRelease debian version 0.3.3-1 debian/0.3.3-1
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiAdd link-with-shared autopkgtest
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiUpdate addon/dbus_ada.gpr file
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiInclude ada/debian_packaging-6.mk in debian/rules
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiUpdate ahven Build-Depends to libahven5-dev
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiUpdate local gbp.conf
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiUpdate to Standards-Version 3.9.8
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiSwitch homepage and Vcs-* URLs to HTTPS
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiUpdate binary package names
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiDrop explicit libdbusada-dbg package
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiTransition to gnat-6 compiler (Closes: #830346)
2016-07-08 Reto BuerkiUpdate to release 0.3.3 (Closes: #758741, #795983)
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiRelease debian version 0.3-1 debian/0.3-1
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiRemove soversion from libdbusada-dbg package
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiDecouple the aliversion from the soversion
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiRemove obsolete rm calls from override_dh_auto_install
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiAdjust paths in debian/*.install files
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiUpdate ahven Build-Depends to libahven4-dev
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiTransition to gnat-4.9 compiler (Closes: #755076)
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiEnable dpkg-buildflags hardening options
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiUpdate binary package names
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiSpecify debian branch in Vcs-Git field
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiUpdate to Standards-Version 3.9.5
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiRemove obsolete DM-Upload-Allowed from debian/control
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiUpdate copyright information
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiDrop obsolete 'dynamic/static libs in separate dirs...
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiUpdate to release 0.3
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiSet debian/compat level to 9
2014-08-14 Reto BuerkiUpdate gbp.conf settings
2012-03-27 Reto BuerkiRelease debian version 0.2-2 debian/0.2-2
2012-03-27 Reto BuerkiBuild dynamic/static libs in separate Obj/Lib dirs
2012-03-27 Reto BuerkiAdd project specific git-buildpackage configuration
2012-03-11 Reto BuerkiInitial release (Closes: #651159) debian/0.2-1
2011-12-15 Reto BuerkiSet minor version to 2 v0.2
2011-12-15 Reto BuerkiAdd TODO item
2011-12-06 Reto BuerkiDoc: Remove div id 'content' from page.conf
2011-12-06 Reto BuerkiDoc: Add page.conf as index.html dependency
2011-12-06 Reto BuerkiAdd TODO item
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiUnify naming of container constructor functions
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiNotify: Construct D-Bus arguments in place
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiNotify: Print returned notification ID
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiAdd desktop notification example
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiAdd licence section to README
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiAdd licence header to dbus-rebound.c
2011-12-05 Reto BuerkiUpdate project description
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiUpdate README
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiUpdate README file for 0.1 release v0.1
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiRemove debug output from D-Bus rebounder
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiInstall dbus-rebound to obj/tests/rebounder
2011-12-01 Adrian-Ken... Minor: Cosmetic fixes
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Sort list of PHONY targets
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiMakefile: Add dist target
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiAdd .gitattributes file
2011-12-01 Reto BuerkiAdd -fPIC to Compiler_Switches in thin project