descriptionDebian apq-postgresql package
ownerAdrian-Ken Rueegsegger
last changeTue, 9 Sep 2014 20:42:47 +0000 (22:42 +0200)
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Releasing debian version 3.2.0-3 master
2014-09-09 Nicolas BoulenguezLet C(PP)FLAGS override the one from pg_config
2014-09-09 Nicolas BoulenguezSpelling in control: case for PostgreSQL.
2014-09-09 Nicolas BoulenguezAvoid a duplicate "debug" build (-g already passed...
2014-09-09 Nicolas BoulenguezREADME.Debian: mention Ada policy, must be in -dev...
2014-09-09 Nicolas BoulenguezBuild-Depends: the same gcc-x.y than gnat-x.y, even...
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Drop d/README.source as format 3.0 is well documented
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Add Nicolas Boulenguez as Uploader to debian/control
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Enable dpkg-buildflags hardening options
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Bump soname of library package
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Fix compiler warnings
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Add minimal run time test for installed package
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Log compilation output
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Do not set RPATH when linking library
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Fix source directory in samples project file
2014-09-09 Adrian-Ken... Make -dbg package compliant to Debian Ada Policy
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