2012-04-01 Martin KempftestMarkAllAsRead, testFetchUnreadCommits master mobopsys-upload v1.0
2012-03-29 Reto BuerkiAssert clearDatabase function
2012-03-29 Reto BuerkiFix DB test
2012-03-22 Reto BuerkiAssert commit date
2012-03-22 Reto BuerkiAdapt DB test to commit class API change
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiAdd project specific eclipse settings
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiImprove getLatestCommit test
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiAssert author email address
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiAssert that getLatestCommit returns one commit only
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiTest getLatestCommit function
2012-03-20 Martin Kempffix test due to rename of resource id in commit list...
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiAssert KEY_HASH in commit test
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiExtend setReadStatus test (assert for false)
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiAssert setReadStatus function
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiMinor reformatting
2012-03-20 Reto BuerkiAssert KEY_READ in commit test
2012-03-14 Martin Kempftest for CommitListActivity
2012-03-13 Reto BuerkiAssert the last commit in the database
2012-03-13 Reto BuerkiUse 'final' modifier where possible
2012-03-13 Reto BuerkiInitial import of gitter Android test project