2009-03-24 Reto BuerkiAdd TODO item. master
2008-11-30 Reto BuerkiCleanup after import from subversion repository.
2008-08-16 Reto BuerkiRelease 0.2.4
2008-08-11 Reto BuerkiAdded TODO entry (adv. web proxy).
2008-08-10 Reto BuerkiUpdated binaries.
2008-08-10 Reto BuerkiMinor style fixes.
2008-08-10 Reto BuerkiUpdated binaries with latest changes.
2008-08-10 Reto BuerkiRead red iface name from /var/ipcop/red/iface instead of
2008-08-10 Reto BuerkiUse TMPDIR to create distribution tarball.
2008-05-04 Reto BuerkiAdded installation description.
2008-04-16 Reto BuerkiRemoved PB_C_I chain.
2008-04-16 Reto BuerkiImplemented workaround for DNS problem on BLUE.
2008-04-16 Reto BuerkiDelete LOG_PB chain as well.
2008-04-16 Reto BuerkiDelete jumps to PB-chains properly.
2008-04-15 Reto BuerkiRemoved ORANGE-net.
2008-04-15 Reto BuerkiAdded IPTABLES define.
2008-04-15 Reto BuerkiUse proxybill LOG-chain.
2008-04-15 Reto BuerkiCorrections in iptables calls.
2008-04-15 Reto BuerkiRe-structuring of fw ruleset (part 1).
2008-04-14 Reto BuerkiAllow DNS queries to ipcop host.
2008-04-14 Reto BuerkiRound price values on print page.
2008-04-12 Reto BuerkiGerman language file is now UTF-8 encoded.
2008-04-12 Reto BuerkiDisplay unit in use on print page.
2008-04-12 Reto BuerkiAdded another missing translation (currency).
2008-04-12 Reto BuerkiAdded missing translation.
2008-04-12 Reto BuerkiAdded price per unit functionality.
2008-03-24 Reto BuerkiUpdated readme/todo.
2008-03-24 Reto BuerkiPATH_INFO can only be used when GET.
2008-03-24 Reto BuerkiAdded missing proxybill-print.cgi file.
2008-03-24 Reto BuerkiUpdated installer.
2008-03-24 Reto BuerkiAdded proxybill-print to httpd config.
2008-03-24 Reto BuerkiFirst working version with credits print sheet
2008-03-21 Reto BuerkiUpdated todo-list.
2008-03-21 Reto BuerkiVersion bump to 0.2.3
2008-03-21 Reto BuerkiShow information about time unit in use.
2008-03-21 Reto BuerkiAvoid credit minus values.
2008-03-21 Reto BuerkiRemaining credits are printed in browser tile now.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiBugfix: It's possible to disable already active account...
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiBugfix: IP check for enable/disable. Not set IP is...
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiDisplay Default-Credit if credit is not set.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiDisplay credits in improved format in admin fe.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiCREDITMUX not needed any more.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiUse seconds in proxybill-fwd (again).
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiShow remaining credits in improved format.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiStore credits divided by multiplexer value now.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiAdded updated proxybill-fwd binary.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiRemoved useless tab when logging credits to syslog.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiLinked against older version of glibc.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiImplemented credit value multiplexer.
2008-03-20 Reto BuerkiUpdated todo-list.
2008-01-28 Reto BuerkiAdded enhancements to "todo" file.
2006-09-24 Reto Buerki- corrected mail addr
2006-08-13 Reto Buerki- updated readme/todo
2006-07-30 Reto Buerki- suspend/resume works
2006-07-30 Reto Buerki- implemented suspend/resume
2006-07-30 Reto Buerki- implemented sessions
2006-07-02 Reto Buerki- u_status and u_ip does not work yet
2006-07-02 Reto Buerki- new user info page
2006-07-02 Reto Buerki- new client network configuration
2006-07-02 Reto Buerki- new name based network config (not yet working)
2006-07-02 Reto Buerki- fixed bug when a user logs in
2006-06-17 Reto Buerki- completed random user gen funcs
2006-06-17 Reto Buerki- added random user func
2006-06-17 Reto Buerki- password change disabled
2006-06-16 Reto Buerki- check if user is unique
2006-06-16 Reto Buerki- Net::CIDR does not exist
2006-06-16 Reto Buerki- added CIDR check
2006-06-16 Reto Buerki- get_setting() again ...
2006-06-16 Reto Buerki- damned iprange
2006-06-16 Reto Buerki- implemented 'start'
2006-06-16 Reto Buerki- debug: get_setting()
2006-06-16 Reto Buerki- port 445 to GREEN is allowed now
2006-06-15 Reto Buerki- mmmg
2006-06-15 Reto Buerki- another try :)
2006-06-15 Reto Buerki- fix in get_setting() helper
2006-06-15 Reto Buerki- added iface_t typedef
2006-06-10 Reto Buerki- write '0' instead of 'm-f-d' ;)
2006-06-10 Reto Buerki- apache does not like writing to stdout
2006-06-10 Reto Buerki- fix in strncmp()
2006-06-10 Reto Buerki- implemented stop
2006-06-10 Reto Buerki- starts proxybill-fwd now
2006-06-05 Reto Buerki- added readme
2006-06-05 Reto Buerki- added restart binary
2006-06-05 Reto Buerki- corrections in update mode
2006-06-05 Reto Buerki- implemented 'edit'
2006-06-05 Reto Buerki- binary calls initsetuid() now
2006-06-04 Reto Buerki- missing '}' ;)
2006-06-04 Reto Buerki- missing ','
2006-06-04 Reto Buerki- added add credits icons, form
2006-06-04 Reto Buerki- display left credits in admin front-end
2006-05-28 Reto Buerki- legend table fix
2006-05-28 Reto Buerki- language corrections
2006-05-28 Reto Buerki- added legend for icons
2006-05-28 Reto Buerki- permission changed to 644
2006-05-28 Reto Buerki- proxybill-fwd is restarted when saving
2006-05-28 Reto Buerki- added state images
2006-05-28 Reto Buerki- logs to syslog now
2006-05-25 Reto Buerki- clean_system() added
2006-05-24 Reto Buerki- and again status ;)
2006-05-24 Reto Buerki- status again