2013-06-08 Naohiro Aotabtrfs: Drop inode if inode root is NULL
2013-06-08 Josef BacikBtrfs: don't delete fs_roots until after we cleanup...
2013-05-18 Chris MasonMerge branch 'for-chris' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2013-05-18 Chris MasonBtrfs: use a btrfs bioset instead of abusing bio internals
2013-05-18 Josef BacikBtrfs: make sure roots are assigned before freeing...
2013-05-18 Stefan BehrensBtrfs: explicitly use global_block_rsv for quota_tree
2013-05-18 Alexandre Olivabtrfs: do away with non-whole_page extent I/O
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: don't invoke btrfs_invalidate_inodes() in the...
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: remove BUG_ON() in btrfs_read_fs_tree_no_radix()
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: pause the space balance when remounting to R/O
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: fix unprotected root node of the subvolume's...
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: fix accessing a freed tree root
2013-05-18 Liu BoBtrfs: return errno if possible when we fail to allocat...
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: update the global reserve if it is empty
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: don't steal the reserved space from the global...
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: optimize the error handle of use_block_rsv()
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: don't use global block reservation for inode...
2013-05-18 Miao XieBtrfs: don't abort the current transaction if there...
2013-05-18 Andreas PhilippCorrect allowed raid levels on balance.
2013-05-18 Stefan BehrensBtrfs: fix possible memory leak in replace_path()
2013-05-18 Wang ShilongBtrfs: fix possible memory leak in the find_parent_nodes()
2013-05-18 Stefan BehrensBtrfs: don't allow device replace on RAID5/RAID6
2013-05-18 Josef BacikBtrfs: handle running extent ops with skinny metadata
2013-05-18 Josef BacikBtrfs: remove warn on in free space cache writeout
2013-05-18 Josef BacikBtrfs: don't null pointer deref on abort
2013-05-18 Gabriel de... btrfs: don't stop searching after encountering the...
2013-05-17 Liu BoBtrfs: fix off-by-one in fiemap
2013-05-17 David Sterbabtrfs: annotate quota tree for lockdep
2013-05-07 Chris MasonBtrfs: allow superblock mismatch from older mkfs
2013-05-07 David Sterbabtrfs: enhance superblock checks
2013-05-06 David Sterbabtrfs: fix misleading variable name for flags
2013-05-06 David Sterbabtrfs: use unsigned long type for extent state bits
2013-05-06 Liu BoBtrfs: improve the loop of scrub_stripe
2013-05-06 David Sterbabtrfs: read entire device info under lock
2013-05-06 David Sterbabtrfs: remove unused gfp mask parameter from release_ex...
2013-05-06 David Sterbabtrfs: handle errors returned from get_tree_block_key
2013-05-06 Eric Sandeenbtrfs: make static code static & remove dead code
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: deal with errors in write_dev_supers
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: remove almost all of the BUG()'s from tree-log.c
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: deal with free space cache errors while replayin...
2013-05-06 Jan SchmidtBtrfs: automatic rescan after "quota enable" command
2013-05-06 Jan SchmidtBtrfs: rescan for qgroups
2013-05-06 Jan SchmidtBtrfs: split btrfs_qgroup_account_ref into four functions
2013-05-06 Miao XieBtrfs: allocate new chunks if the space is not enough...
2013-05-06 Jan SchmidtBtrfs: separate sequence numbers for delayed ref tracki...
2013-05-06 Eric Sandeenbtrfs: move leak debug code to functions
2013-05-06 Liu BoBtrfs: return free space in cow error path
2013-05-06 Stefan BehrensBtrfs: set UUID in root_item for created trees
2013-05-06 Stefan BehrensBtrfs: delete unused parameter to btrfs_read_root_item()
2013-05-06 Tsutomu ItohBtrfs: fix error handling in btrfs_ioctl_send()
2013-05-06 Tsutomu ItohBtrfs: remove unused variable in __process_changed_new_...
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: various abort cleanups
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: cleanup destroy_marked_extents
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: check return value of commit when recovering log
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: don't panic if we're trying to drop too many...
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: cleanup fs roots if we fail to mount
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: fix extent logging with O_DIRECT into prealloc
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: fix all callers of read_tree_block
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: only exclude supers in the range of our block...
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: add tree block level sanity check
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: don't try and free ebs twice in log replay
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: don't BUG_ON() in btrfs_num_copies
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: don't call readahead hook until we have read...
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: deal with bad mappings in btrfs_map_block
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: use REQ_META for all metadata IO
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: fix possible infinite loop in slow caching
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: fix lockdep warning
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: add all ioctl checks before user change for...
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: fix missing check about ulist_add() in qgroup.c
2013-05-06 Stefan BehrensBtrfs: clear received_uuid field for new writable snapshots
2013-05-06 Josef BacikBtrfs: don't force pages under writeback to finish...
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: remove unused variable in the iterate_extent_ino...
2013-05-06 Liu BoBtrfs: return error when we specify wrong start to...
2013-05-06 VincentBtrfs: fix reada debug code compilation
2013-05-06 Tsutomu ItohBtrfs: cleanup of function where btrfs_extend_item...
2013-05-06 Tsutomu ItohBtrfs: remove unused argument of btrfs_extend_item()
2013-05-06 Tsutomu ItohBtrfs: cleanup of function where fixup_low_keys() is...
2013-05-06 Tsutomu ItohBtrfs: remove unused argument of fixup_low_keys()
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: fix confusing edquot happening case
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: do not continue if out of memory happens
2013-05-06 Nathaniel Yazdanibtrfs: fix minor typo in comment
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: cleanup to remove reduplicate code in transaction.c
2013-05-06 Jan SchmidtBtrfs: fix unlock after free on rewinded tree blocks
2013-05-06 Jan SchmidtBtrfs: fix accessing the root pointer in tree mod log...
2013-05-06 Jan SchmidtBtrfs: fix tree mod log regression on root split operations
2013-05-06 Miao XieBtrfs: use a lock to protect incompat/compat flag of...
2013-05-06 Miao XieBtrfs: fix unblocked autodefraggers when remount
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: add a rb_tree to improve performance of ulist...
2013-05-06 Stefan BehrensBtrfs: allow omitting stream header and end-cmd for...
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: make __merge_refs() return type be void
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: remove some BUG_ONs() when walking backref tree
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: use tree_root to avoid edquot when disabling...
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: fix a warning when updating qgroup limit
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: fix missing check in the btrfs_qgroup_inherit()
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: fix missing check before creating a qgroup relation
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: remove some unnecessary spin_lock usages
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: introduce a mutex lock for btrfs quota operations
2013-05-06 Wang ShilongBtrfs: creating the subvolume qgroup automatically...
2013-05-06 Zach Brownbtrfs: abort unlink trans in missed error case
2013-05-06 Eric Sandeenbtrfs: ignore device open failures in __btrfs_open_devices