2018-04-06 Tetsuo Handamm,oom_reaper: check for MMF_OOM_SKIP before complaining
2018-04-06 Claudio Imbrendamm/ksm: fix interaction with THP
2018-04-06 Stefan Agnermm/memblock.c: cast constant ULLONG_MAX to phys_addr_t
2018-04-06 Randy Dunlapheaders: untangle kmemleak.h from mm.h
2018-04-06 Michal Hockoinclude/linux/mmdebug.h: make VM_WARN* non-rvals
2018-04-06 Mike Kravetzmm/page_isolation.c: make start_isolate_page_range...
2018-04-06 Souptick Joardermm: change return type to vm_fault_t
2018-04-06 David Rientjesmm, oom: remove 3% bonus for CAP_SYS_ADMIN processes
2018-04-06 David Rientjesmm, page_alloc: wakeup kcompactd even if kswapd cannot...
2018-04-06 Mark Rutlandkernel/fork.c: detect early free of a live mm
2018-04-06 Kirill Tkhaimm: make counting of list_lru_one::nr_items lockless
2018-04-06 Colin Ian Kingmm/swap_state.c: make bool enable_vma_readahead and...
2018-04-06 Jeff Moyerblock_invalidatepage(): only release page if the full...
2018-04-06 Mike Rapoportmm: kernel-doc: add missing parameter descriptions
2018-04-06 Mike Rapoportmm/swap.c: remove @cold parameter description for relea...
2018-04-06 Mike Rapoportmm/nommu: remove description of alloc_vm_area
2018-04-06 Sergey Senozhatskyzram: drop max_zpage_size and use zs_huge_class_size()
2018-04-06 Sergey Senozhatskyzsmalloc: introduce zs_huge_class_size()
2018-04-06 Huang Yingmm: fix races between swapoff and flush dcache
2018-04-06 Nikolay Borisovfs/direct-io.c: minor cleanups in do_blockdev_direct_IO
2018-04-06 Guenter Roeckinclude/linux/mm.h: provide consistent declaration...
2018-04-06 Dan Williamsdevice-dax: implement ->pagesize() for smaps to report...
2018-04-06 Dan Williamsmm, hugetlbfs: introduce ->pagesize() to vm_operations_...
2018-04-06 Dan Williamsmm, powerpc: use vma_kernel_pagesize() in vma_mmu_pages...
2018-04-06 Mario Leinwebermm/gup.c: fix coding style issues.
2018-04-06 Aaron Lumm/free_pcppages_bulk: prefetch buddy while not holding...
2018-04-06 Aaron Lumm/free_pcppages_bulk: do not hold lock when picking...
2018-04-06 Aaron Lumm/free_pcppages_bulk: update pcp->count inside
2018-04-06 David Rientjesmm, compaction: drain pcps for zone when kcompactd...
2018-04-06 Howard McLauchlanmm: make should_failslab always available for fault...
2018-04-06 Dou Liyangmm/page_poison.c: make early_page_poison_param() __init
2018-04-06 Dou Liyangmm/page_owner.c: make early_page_owner_param() __init
2018-04-06 Dou Liyangmm/kmemleak.c: make kmemleak_boot_config() __init
2018-04-06 Minchan Kimmm: swap: unify cluster-based and vma-based swap readahead
2018-04-06 Minchan Kimmm: swap: clean up swap readahead
2018-04-06 Tetsuo Handamm,vmscan: don't pretend forward progress upon shrinker...
2018-04-06 Vitaly Woolz3fold: limit use of stale list for allocation
2018-04-06 Konstantin... mm/huge_memory.c: reorder operations in __split_huge_pa...
2018-04-06 Konstantin... mm/page_ref: use atomic_set_release in page_ref_unfreeze
2018-04-06 Huang Yingmm: fix races between address_space dereference and...
2018-04-06 Andy Shevchenkomm: reuse DEFINE_SHOW_ATTRIBUTE() macro
2018-04-06 David Rientjesmm, page_alloc: move mirrored_kernelcore to __meminitdata
2018-04-06 David Rientjesmm, page_alloc: extend kernelcore and movablecore for...
2018-04-06 Naoya Horiguchimm: hwpoison: disable memory error handling on 1GB...
2018-04-06 Pavel Tatashinmm/memory_hotplug: optimize memory hotplug
2018-04-06 Pavel Tatashinmm/memory_hotplug: don't read nid from struct page...
2018-04-06 Pavel Tatashinmm/memory_hotplug: optimize probe routine
2018-04-06 Pavel Tatashinmm: uninitialized struct page poisoning sanity checking
2018-04-06 Pavel Tatashinx86/mm/memory_hotplug: determine block size based on...
2018-04-06 Pavel Tatashinmm/memory_hotplug: enforce block size aligned range...
2018-04-06 Yang Shimm: thp: fix potential clearing to referenced flag...
2018-04-06 Pavel Tatashinmm: initialize pages on demand during boot
2018-04-06 Pavel Tatashinmm: disable interrupts while initializing deferred...
2018-04-06 Randy Dunlapmm/swap_slots.c: use conditional compilation
2018-04-06 Anshuman Khandualmm/migrate: rename migration reason MR_CMA to MR_CONTIG...
2018-04-06 David Woodhousemm: always print RLIMIT_DATA warning
2018-04-06 Colin Ian Kingmm/ksm.c: make stable_node_dup() static
2018-04-06 Shakeel Buttslab, slub: skip unnecessary kasan_cache_shutdown()
2018-04-06 Mikulas Patockamm/slab_common.c: remove test if cache name is accessible
2018-04-06 Shakeel Buttslab, slub: remove size disparity on debug kernel
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: use 32-bit arithmetic in freelist_randomize()
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make size_from_object() return unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make struct kmem_cache_order_objects::x unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make slab_index() return unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make usercopy region 32-bit
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyankasan: make kasan_cache_create() work with 32-bit slab...
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make kmem_cache_flags accept 32-bit object size
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->size unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->object_size unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->offset unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->cpu_partial unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->inuse unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->align unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->reserved unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->red_left_pad unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->max_attr_size unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslub: make ->remote_node_defrag_ratio unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make size_index_elem() unsigned int
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make size_index[] array u8
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make kmem_cache_create() work with 32-bit sizes
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make create_boot_cache() work with 32-bit sizes
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make create_kmalloc_cache() work with 32-bit...
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make kmalloc_size() return "unsigned int"
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: make kmalloc_index() return "unsigned int"
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanslab: fixup calculate_alignment() argument type
2018-04-06 Chintan Pandyamm/slub.c: use jitter-free reference while printing age
2018-04-06 Alexey Dobriyanmm/slab_common.c: mark kmalloc machinery as __ro_after_init
2018-04-06 shunki-fujitafs: don't flush pagecache when expanding block device
2018-04-06 Chengguang Xunet/9p/client.c: fix potential refcnt problem of trans...
2018-04-06 Yiwen Jiangfs/9p: don't set SB_NOATIME by default
2018-04-06 Chengguang Xu9p: check memory allocation result for cachetag
2018-04-06 Eryu Guan9p: don't maintain dir i_nlink if the exported fs doesn...
2018-04-06 Greg Kurznet/9p: avoid -ERESTARTSYS leak to userspace
2018-04-06 Changwei Geocfs2/dlm: clean up unused variable in dlm_process_reco...
2018-04-06 piaojunocfs2/o2hb: check len for bio_add_page() to avoid getti...
2018-04-06 Gang Heocfs2: add duplicated ino number check
2018-04-06 Gang Heocfs2: add kobject for online file check
2018-04-06 Gang Heocfs2: fix some small problems
2018-04-06 Gang Heocfs2: move some definitions to header file
2018-04-06 Changwei Geocfs2: correct spelling mistake for migratable for all