2018-04-11 Michal Hockomm: introduce MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE
2018-04-11 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: update bouncing addresses
2018-04-11 Nikolay Borisovfs/dcache.c: add cond_resched() in shrink_dentry_list()
2018-04-11 Valentin Vidicinclude/linux/kfifo.h: fix comment
2018-04-11 Andrew Mortonipc/shm.c: shm_split(): remove unneeded test for NULL...
2018-04-11 Waiman Longkernel/sysctl.c: add kdoc comments to do_proc_do{u...
2018-04-11 Waiman Longfs/proc/proc_sysctl.c: fix typo in sysctl_check_table_a...
2018-04-11 Davidlohr Buesoipc/msg: introduce msgctl(MSG_STAT_ANY)
2018-04-11 Davidlohr Buesoipc/sem: introduce semctl(SEM_STAT_ANY)
2018-04-11 Davidlohr Buesoipc/shm: introduce shmctl(SHM_STAT_ANY)
2018-04-11 Chris Wilsonkernel/params.c: downgrade warning for unsafe parameters
2018-04-11 Randy Dunlapkernel/sysctl.c: fix sizeof argument to match variable...
2018-04-11 Ioan Nicurapidio: use a reference count for struct mport_dma_req
2018-04-11 Vasyl Gomonovychdrivers/rapidio/rio-scan.c: fix typo in comment
2018-04-11 Kees Cookexec: pin stack limit during exec
2018-04-11 Kees Cookexec: introduce finalize_exec() before start_thread()
2018-04-11 Kees Cookexec: pass stack rlimit into mm layout functions
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanseq_file: account everything to kmemcg
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanseq_file: allocate seq_file from kmem_cache
2018-04-11 Andrew Mortonfs/reiserfs/journal.c: add missing resierfs_warning...
2018-04-11 Matthew Wilcoxautofs4: use wait_event_killable
2018-04-11 Aaro Koskineninit/ramdisk: use pr_cont() at the end of ramdisk loading
2018-04-11 Joe Perchescheckpatch: whinge about bool bitfields
2018-04-11 Heinrich Schuchardtcheckpatch: allow space between colon and bracket
2018-04-11 Joe Perchescheckpatch: add test for assignment at start of line
2018-04-11 Joe Perchescheckpatch: test SYMBOLIC_PERMS multiple times per...
2018-04-11 Claudio Fontanacheckpatch: two spelling fixes
2018-04-11 Joe Perchescheckpatch: improve get_quoted_string for TRACE_EVENT...
2018-04-11 Tobin C. Hardingcheckpatch: warn for use of %px
2018-04-11 Tobin C. Hardingcheckpatch: add sub routine get_stat_here()
2018-04-11 Tobin C. Hardingcheckpatch: remove unused variable declarations
2018-04-11 Tobin C. Hardingcheckpatch: add sub routine get_stat_real()
2018-04-11 Gilad Ben-Yossefcheckpatch: add Crypto ON_STACK to declaration_macros
2018-04-11 Rob add SPDX license tag check
2018-04-11 Joe Perchescheckpatch: improve parse_email signature checking
2018-04-11 Matthew Wilcoxlib/list_debug.c: print unmangled addresses
2018-04-11 Colin Ian Kinglib/test_ubsan.c: make test_ubsan_misaligned_access...
2018-04-11 Jinbum Parklib: add testing module for UBSAN
2018-04-11 Kees Cooklib/test_bitmap.c: do not accidentally use stack VLA
2018-04-11 Randy Dunlaplib/Kconfig.debug: Debug Lockups and Hangs: keep SOFTLO...
2018-04-11 Alexandre BounineMAINTAINERS: update email address for Alexandre Bounine
2018-04-11 Kees Cooktask_struct: only use anon struct under randstruct...
2018-04-11 Miguel Ojedaclang-format: add configuration file
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanuts: create "struct uts_namespace" from kmem_cache
2018-04-11 Kees Cooktaint: add taint for randstruct
2018-04-11 Kees Cooktaint: consolidate documentation
2018-04-11 Kees Cooktaint: convert to indexed initialization
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: selftests: test /proc/uptime
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: use slower rb_first()
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: selftests: shotgun testing of read/readdir/readli...
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: switch struct proc_dir_entry::count to refcount
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: reject "." and ".." as filenames
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: add selftest for last field of /proc/loadavg
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: do mmput ASAP for /proc/*/map_files
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: faster /proc/cmdline
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: register filesystem last
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: fix /proc/*/map_files lookup some more
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move "struct proc_dir_entry" into kmem cache
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: test /proc/self/syscall
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: test /proc/self/wchan
2018-04-11 Danilo Krummrichfs/proc/proc_sysctl.c: remove redundant link check...
2018-04-11 Danilo Krummrichfs/proc/proc_sysctl.c: fix potential page fault while...
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: use set_puts() at /proc/*/wchan
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: check permissions earlier for /proc/*/wchan
2018-04-11 Andrei Vaginproc: replace seq_printf by seq_put_smth to speed up...
2018-04-11 Andrei Vaginproc: optimize single-symbol delimiters to spead up...
2018-04-11 Andrei Vaginproc: replace seq_printf on seq_putc to speed up /proc...
2018-04-11 Andrei Vaginproc: add seq_put_decimal_ull_width to speed up /proc...
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: account "struct pde_opener"
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move "struct pde_opener" to kmem cache
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: randomize "struct pde_opener"
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: faster open/close of files without ->release...
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/sysvipc creation to where it belongs
2018-04-11 Alexey Dobriyanproc: do less stuff under ->pde_unload_lock
2018-04-11 Mateusz Guzikproc: get rid of task lock/unlock pair to read umask...
2018-04-11 Andrei Vaginprocfs: optimize seq_pad() to speed up /proc/pid/maps
2018-04-11 Andrei Vaginprocfs: add seq_put_hex_ll to speed up /proc/pid/maps
2018-04-11 Andrey Konovalovkasan: prevent compiler from optimizing away memset...
2018-04-11 Andrey Konovalovkasan: fix invalid-free test crashing the kernel
2018-04-11 Andrey Konovalovkasan, slub: fix handling of kasan_slab_free hook
2018-04-11 Joonsoo Kimmm/thp: don't count ZONE_MOVABLE as the target for...
2018-04-11 Joonsoo KimARM: CMA: avoid double mapping to the CMA area if CONFI...
2018-04-11 Joonsoo Kimmm/cma: remove ALLOC_CMA
2018-04-11 Joonsoo Kimmm/cma: manage the memory of the CMA area by using...
2018-04-11 Joonsoo Kimmm/page_alloc: don't reserve ZONE_HIGHMEM for ZONE_MOVA...
2018-04-11 Michal Hockomm: unclutter THP migration
2018-04-11 Michal Hockomm, migrate: remove reason argument from new_page_t
2018-04-11 Michal Hockomm, numa: rework do_pages_move
2018-04-11 Colin Ian Kingmm/swapfile.c: make pointer swap_avail_heads static
2018-04-11 Michal Hockomemcg: fix per_node_info cleanup
2018-04-11 Tom Abrahamswap: divide-by-zero when zero length swap file on ssd
2018-04-11 Johannes Weinermm: memcg: make sure is uptodate when...
2018-04-11 Claudio Imbrendamm/ksm.c: fix inconsistent accounting of zero pages
2018-04-11 Matthew Wilcoxmm/z3fold.c: use gfpflags_allow_blocking
2018-04-11 Xidong Wangz3fold: fix memory leak
2018-04-11 Michal Hockomemcg, thp: do not invoke oom killer on thp charges
2018-04-11 Ralph Campbellmm/migrate: properly preserve write attribute in specia...
2018-04-11 Wei Yangmm: check __highest_present_section_nr directly in...
2018-04-11 Mel Gormansched/numa: avoid trapping faults and attempting migrat...
2018-04-11 Jérôme GlisseDocumentation/vm/hmm.txt: typos and syntaxes fixes