2015-02-26 Scott Feldmanrocker: put port in FORWADING state after leaving bridge
2015-02-26 Scott Feldmanrocker: rename lport to pport
2015-02-26 Scott Feldmanrocker: fix non-portable err return codes
2015-02-25 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2015-02-25 Guenter Roecknet: dsa: Introduce dsa_is_port_initialized
2015-02-25 David S. MillerMerge branch 'sf2_hwbridge'
2015-02-25 Florian Fainellinet: dsa: bcm_sf2: add HW bridging support
2015-02-25 Florian Fainellinet: dsa: integrate with SWITCHDEV for HW bridging
2015-02-25 Guenter Roecknet: dsa: Ensure that port array elements are initializ...
2015-02-25 Sravanthi Tangedai40e/i40evf: Update driver versions
2015-02-25 Carolyn Wybornyi40evf: Add more info to interrupt vector names
2015-02-25 Greg Rosei40e: Use ethtool private flags to display NPAR status
2015-02-25 Kevin Scotti40e: Set FLAG_RD when sending buffer FW must read
2015-02-25 Mitch Williamsi40e: print Rx packet split status
2015-02-25 Vasu Devi40e: setup FCoE device type
2015-02-25 Kevin Scotti40e: Set BUF flag for Set Version AQ command
2015-02-25 Neerav Parikhi40e: Add support for getlink, setlink ndo ops
2015-02-25 Greg Rosei40e: Implement configfs for NPAR BW configuration
2015-02-25 Greg Rosei40e: Add NPAR BW get and set functions
2015-02-25 Mitch Williamsi40e: enable packet split only when IOMMU present
2015-02-25 Ashish Shahi40evf: allow enabling of debug prints via ethtool
2015-02-25 Carolyn Wybornyi40e: Add method to keep track of current rxnfc settings
2015-02-25 Catherine Sullivani40e/i40evf: Use advertised speed settings in ethtool...
2015-02-25 Paul M Stillwell Jri40e/i40evf: Fix output of i40e_debug_aq() for big...
2015-02-24 Tino Reichardtnet: via-rhine: add BQL support
2015-02-24 Ian Morrisipv6: remove dead debug code from ip6_tunnel.c
2015-02-24 David S. MillerMerge branch 'bonding-next'
2015-02-24 Mahesh Bandewarbonding: Implement port churn-machine (AD standard...
2015-02-24 Mahesh Bandewarbonding: Verify RX LACPDU has proper dest mac-addr
2015-02-24 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2015-02-24 David S. MillerMerge branch 'bcmgenet-next'
2015-02-24 Petri Gynthernet: bcmgenet: rename bcmgenet_hw_params->bds_cnt and...
2015-02-24 Petri Gynthernet: bcmgenet: precalculate TxCB->bd_addr
2015-02-24 Petri Gynthernet: bcmgenet: rework Tx queue init
2015-02-24 Petri Gynthernet: bcmgenet: bcmgenet_init_tx_ring() cleanup
2015-02-24 David S. MillerMerge branch 'pktgen-next'
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingspktgen: Correct documentation of module name and command
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingssamples/pktgen: Show the results rather than just comme...
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingssamples/pktgen: Trap SIGINT
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingssamples/pktgen: Use bash as interpreter
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingssamples/pktgen: Remove setting of obsolete max_before_s...
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingssamples/pktgen: Correct comments about the thread config
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingssamples/pktgen: Delete unused function pg()
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingssamples/pktgen: Add sample scripts for pktgen facility
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingspktgen: Fix grammar errors and some poor wording in...
2015-02-24 Ben Hutchingspktgen: Delete the original date from documentation
2015-02-24 Mitch Williamsi40evf: don't wait forever
2015-02-24 Mitch Williamsi40evf: refactor reset
2015-02-24 Mitch Williamsi40evf: disable NAPI polling sooner
2015-02-24 Greg Rosei40e: Fix i40e_ndo_set_vf_spoofchk
2015-02-24 Sravanthi Tangedai40e/i40evf: Bump Driver Versions
2015-02-24 Catherine Sullivani40e/i40evf: Remove unused variable an_enable and funct...
2015-02-24 Anjali Singhai... i40e: Fix the EMPR interrupt received handling
2015-02-24 Anjali Singhai... i40e/i40evf: i40e_register.h updates
2015-02-24 Neerav Parikhi40e: Use #define for the VSI connection type
2015-02-24 Nicholas Nunleyi40e/i40evf: restrict VC opcodes to their initial values
2015-02-24 Mitch Williamsi40e/i40evf: Refactor the receive routines
2015-02-24 Shannon Nelsoni40e: rename debugfs clear_stats option
2015-02-24 Kamil Krawczyki40e: update Shadow RAM read/write functions
2015-02-24 Jeff Kirsherigbvf: cleanup msleep() and min/max() usage
2015-02-24 Jeff Kirsherigbvf: Fix code comments and whitespace
2015-02-24 David Ertmane1000e: initial support for i219
2015-02-23 David S. MillerMerge branch 'be2net-next'
2015-02-23 Sathya Perlabe2net: move be_func_init() call inside be_setup()
2015-02-23 Kalesh APbe2net: refactor adapter resource cleanup sequence...
2015-02-23 Kalesh APbe2net: refactor adapter resource initialzation sequenc...
2015-02-23 Sathya Perlabe2net: remove code duplication relating to Lancer...
2015-02-23 Kalesh APbe2net: refactor error detect/recovery function
2015-02-23 Sathya Perlabe2net: use a wrapper to schedule and cancel error...
2015-02-23 Sathya Perlabe2net: refactor function initalization sequence into...
2015-02-23 Sathya Perlabe2net: get rid of be_get_initial_config() call from...
2015-02-23 Sathya Perlabe2net: move adapter fields alloc/free code to new...
2015-02-23 Roopa Prabhubridge: add vlan info to bridge setlink and dellink...
2015-02-22 Ameen Alinet: __aligned(size) is preferred over __attribute__...
2015-02-22 Joe Perchesbatman-adv: Fix use of seq_has_overflowed()
2015-02-22 Bojan Prtvarnet: Remove state argument from skb_find_text()
2015-02-22 Dan Carpenterethtool: use "ops" name consistenty in ethtool_set_rxfh()
2015-02-22 Alex W Slateripv6: Replace "#include <asm/uaccess>" with "#include...
2015-02-22 David S. MillerMerge branch 'bna-next'
2015-02-22 Rasesh Modybna: Update the Driver and Firmware Version
2015-02-22 Rasesh Modybna: QLogic BR-series Adapters Driver Rebranding
2015-02-20 David L Stevenssunvnet: failed trigger should not cause BUG_ON()
2015-02-20 Mahesh Bandewarbonding: simple code refactor
2015-02-20 Arun Chandrannet: macb: Add big endian CPU support
2015-02-20 David S. MillerMerge branch 'bnx2x-next'
2015-02-20 Rasesh Modybnx2-cnic: Driver Version Update
2015-02-20 Rasesh Modybnx2: Fix for Chip Initialization
2015-02-20 Rasesh Modybnx2-cnic: Driver Rebranding Changes
2015-02-20 Eric Dumazetigmp: add __ip_mc_{join|leave}_group()
2015-02-20 Aleksander... hso: always read interface number from the current...
2015-02-20 David S. MillerMerge branch 'ppc_bpf'
2015-02-20 Denis Kirjanovppc: Kconfig: Enable BPF JIT on ppc32
2015-02-20 Denis Kirjanovppc: bpf: Add SKF_AD_CPU for ppc32
2015-02-20 Denis Kirjanovppc: bpf: rename bpf_jit_64.S to bpf_jit_asm.S
2015-02-20 Denis Kirjanovppc: bpf: update jit to use compatibility macros
2015-02-20 Denis Kirjanovppc: bpf: add reqired opcodes for ppc32
2015-02-20 Denis Kirjanovppc: bpf: add required compatibility macros for jit
2015-02-20 Joe Perchesbatman-adv: Remove uses of return value of seq_printf
2015-02-20 stephen hemmingertcp: silence registration message
2015-02-20 David S. MillerMerge branch 'be2net-next'