descriptionMuen SK virtual networking Linux kernel module
ownerReto Buerki
last changeThu, 11 Jun 2015 07:32:05 +0000 (09:32 +0200)



The muennet Linux kernel module implements a virtual network interface driver which sends and receives data via shared memory channels provided by the Muen Separation Kernel.

From a user-space perspective, a network interface created using the muennet kernel module behaves just like an ordinary network interface.


Currently, the following protocols are supported:


The following command inserts the muennet module into the kernel. The module parameters configure the module to create a virtual net0 network interface using channel_in for data input and channel_out for data output. The reader and writer protocols are arbitrary values which must match between communicating endpoints.

$ modprobe muennet    \
    name=net0         \
    reader_protocol=2 \
    writer_protocol=2 \
    in=channel_in     \
    out=channel_out   \

The net_hdr flag is required to send IP traffic over the network interface. It can be omitted if the communicating endpoints apply a custom protocol over raw data.

Configure the newly created network interface as usual:

$ ifconfig net0
$ ip route add dev net0

The module parameters accept a list of values in order to create multiple network interfaces with associated settings:

$ modprobe muennet                  \
    name=net0,net1                  \
    reader_protocol=12,2            \
    writer_protocol=8,2             \
    in=testchannel_1,testchannel_3  \
    out=testchannel_2,testchannel_4 \

Use the modinfo command to see all supported module parameters with their explanation.

2015-06-11 Stefan BerghoferImplement support for Path MTU Discovery master
2015-06-11 Reto Buerkireader: Call schedule() between successful reads
2015-06-11 Reto Buerkireader: Simplify IP handling in work function
2015-06-11 Reto Buerkireader: Use switch statement in work function
2015-06-11 Reto BuerkiSwitch reader implementation to work queues
2015-06-11 Reto BuerkiInitial import of the muennet Linux kernel module
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