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descriptionMuen SK virtual networking Linux kernel module
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The muennet Linux kernel module implements a virtual network interface driver which sends and receives data via shared memory channels provided by the Muen Separation Kernel.

From a user-space perspective, a network interface created using the muennet kernel module behaves just like an ordinary network interface.


Currently, the following protocols are supported:


The following command inserts the muennet module into the kernel. The module parameters configure the module to create a virtual net0 network interface using channel_in for data input and channel_out for data output. The reader and writer protocols are arbitrary values which must match between communicating endpoints.

$ modprobe muennet    \
    name=net0         \
    reader_protocol=2 \
    writer_protocol=2 \
    in=channel_in     \
    out=channel_out   \

The net_hdr flag is required to send IP traffic over the network interface. It can be omitted if the communicating endpoints apply a custom protocol over raw data.

The eth_dev flag specifies that the network interface implements an ethernet device. This allows users to operate on layer 2 ethernet frames and gives them full control over the ethernet header.

Configure the newly created network interface as usual:

$ ifconfig net0
$ ip route add dev net0

The module parameters accept a list of values in order to create multiple network interfaces with associated settings:

$ modprobe muennet                  \
    name=net0,net1                  \
    reader_protocol=12,2            \
    writer_protocol=8,2             \
    in=testchannel_1,testchannel_3  \
    out=testchannel_2,testchannel_4 \

Use the modinfo command to see all supported module parameters with their explanation.

Child Device Support

The muennet_cfg tool can be used to create child devices for muennet network interfaces. Packets can be routed to specific interfaces by setting Netfilter marks for given child devices. The usage of the tool is described in the following paragraphs.

Add new child interface called 'child' (string) to interface 'parent' (string). Child interfaces can only be added to the main, parent muennet interface:

$ muennet_cfg add_child <parent> <child>

Delete child interface 'child' (string):

$ muennet_cfg del_child <child>

Add mark (int) to given child interface 'child' (string). This causes all incoming packets carrying this mark to be routed to the specified child interface:

$ muennet_cfg add_mark <child> <mark>


The mark set on a child interface is only used for incoming packets. Outgoing traffic is not automatically marked. This can be achieved by adding an appropriate netfilter rule.

$ iptables -t mangle -A OUTPUT -o <child> -j MARK --set-mark <mark>

Delete mark (int) from given child interface 'child' (string):

$ muennet_cfg del_mark <child name> <mark>
2024-03-04 Jorge Luis... reader: Keep processing after epoch change master
2023-04-05 Adrian-Ken... Adapt to upstream changes
2023-04-03 Kilian Gebhardtdel_child: release children lock asap
2023-02-08 Adrian-Ken... README: Child devices cannot be added to children
2022-11-23 Adrian-Ken... Only call writer_down if writer channel is present
2022-10-27 Reto BuerkiEnforce one channel per iface name
2022-10-27 Reto BuerkiCheck protocols only if channel present
2022-10-27 Reto BuerkiOnly cleanup reader/writer if channel present
2022-10-27 Reto BuerkiOnly call writer_up if writer channel is present
2022-10-27 Reto BuerkiInitialize reader_irq to -1
2022-08-31 Adrian-Ken... Gracefully handle too small tailroom
2022-03-11 Adrian-Ken... Fix operational state reported by muennet devices
2022-03-10 Adrian-Ken... Fix checkpatch warnings
2022-03-10 Adrian-Ken... Fix operational state reported by muennet devices
2021-12-14 Jakob JuhnkeSupport IRQ-based reception and transmission of packets
2021-12-09 Adrian-Ken... Support for muennet child devices
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