descriptionMuen SK System Resource Manager
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2019-07-05 Johannes OsterholzerREADME: Assorted minor changes
2019-07-05 Johannes OsterholzerREADME: Make subsection 'Invariant Preservation' clearer
2019-07-05 Johannes OsterholzerREADME: Update section 'Compilation'
2019-07-05 Johannes OsterholzerREADME: Explain why memory region tables are not unmapped
2019-07-05 Johannes OsterholzerDebug: Add explicit elaboration pragma
2019-07-05 Johannes OsterholzerFurther streamline naming of device domain XML commands
2019-07-05 Reto BuerkiPartially include test.xml in README
2019-07-05 Reto BuerkiMinor cleanup in test.xml
2019-07-05 Reto BuerkiEnable exception backtraces
2019-07-05 Reto BuerkiIncrease config constants
2019-07-05 Reto BuerkiDebug: Init log-level from Command_Line getter
2019-07-05 Reto BuerkiImplement log-level command line handling
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