descriptionTrusted Key Manager XFRM proxy
ownerReto Buerki
last changeThu, 31 Jan 2013 11:32:08 +0000 (12:32 +0100)
2013-01-31 Adrian-Ken... Add AUTHORS file master v0.1
2013-01-24 Reto BuerkiAdd install target to Makefile
2013-01-24 Reto BuerkiAdd COPYING file and license headers (GPL-3+)
2012-10-22 Reto BuerkiUpdate to latest xfrm-ada version
2012-10-05 Reto BuerkiAdd -gnatwale to Compiler_Switches
2012-10-05 Reto BuerkiFree socket path after use
2012-10-01 Reto BuerkiRegister Netlink receiver error handler
2012-10-01 Reto BuerkiReplace text IO with proper log messages
2012-10-01 Reto BuerkiAdd Alog-based logger packages
2012-10-01 Reto BuerkiCreate Version package using git describe command
2012-09-28 Adrian-Ken... Update to latest anet
2012-09-26 Reto BuerkiCall Esa_[Acquire|Expire] on associated XFRM events
2012-09-26 Reto BuerkiConnect to Esa Event Service (EES) on startup
2012-09-25 Reto BuerkiInitial import of XFRM proxy project
6 years ago v0.1 Release of version 0.1
6 years ago master